Roots of Happiness by Susie Dent

Roots of Happiness by Susie Dent

Publication Date5th October 2023
Reading Age6 years and up
Dimensions (in cm)19.6 x 1.7 x 23.7
Best Sellers Rank21 in Books (Top 100 in Books)
1 in Children’s Books on Vocabulary & Spelling
1 in Children’s Books on Emotions & Feelings
1 in Children’s Dictionaries (Books)

Roots of Happiness by Susie Dent summary

IntroductionSusie Dent’s mission and the power of positive words
Chapter 1: Forgotten TreasuresUnearthing long-forgotten joyful expressions
Chapter 2: Recent DiscoveriesExploring recently coined words that inspire happiness
Chapter 3: The Art of ExpressionHow language can shape our emotions and world
Chapter 4: Illustrated InspirationsBeautiful illustrations that accompany the words
Chapter 5: Spreading JoyUsing positive words to make the world a happier place
ConclusionThe lasting impact of Susie Dent’s lexical journey


Susie Dent, a well-known author, presenter, and word expert, embarks on a linguistic adventure to unearth hidden jewels of optimism inside the English language. Susie Dent’s book, which celebrates 100 cheerful words and phrases, provides a refreshing viewpoint in a world that is frequently filled with negativity. Dent’s work is a monument to the power of words to brighten our lives, from forgotten pearls to recently unearthed linguistic treasures. This book is intended to brighten moods and remind readers of the beauty that language can bring. It is accompanied by wonderful graphics. Whether you’re in a “mubble fubbles” phase or just looking for a reason to “grin like a gigglemug,” Susie Dent’s investigation of the lexical universe is sure to leave you “forblissed” – exceedingly joyful.

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About the Author

Susie Dent is a language writer and broadcaster. She recently marked 25 years as the resident word expert on C4’s Countdown, and she also features on the comic sister show 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown. Susie frequently remarks on terms in the news on television and radio. In her weekly essays in the Radio Times and The Week Junior, Susie responds to letters and questions regarding words and phrases. Sunda has written for the Independent.

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