Social Justice Fallacies by Thomas Sowell 

Social Justice Fallacies by Thomas Sowell 

Social Justice Fallacies by Thomas Sowell eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

The fight for social justice is a great crusade of our day, appealing to a wide range of individuals for a variety of reasons. Those who use the same words, however, do not always convey the same meaning. Clarifying such definitions is the first step toward determining where we agree and disagree. From there, it’s mostly a matter of determining what the facts are. Social Justice Fallacies demonstrates how many commonly held beliefs simply cannot stand up to documented facts, which frequently contradict popularly held beliefs.

Regardless matter how appealing the social justice vision is, the critical question is whether the social justice agenda will lead to its realization. History demonstrates that the social justice agenda has frequently driven in the other direction, sometimes with disastrous results.

Aside from faults, there are other factors at play. All humans are flawed, and social justice advocates may not make any more errors than others. However, crusaders who are completely certain of their mission are typically undaunted by hurdles, proof, or even lethal hazards. That is where a large portion of the Western world is now. The question is whether we will proceed irresponsibly, past the point of no return.

Thomas Sowell has used his famed erudition and research to challenge most progressive economic assumptions for over six decades. He has now distilled his innumerable scholarly articles and books into a single volume that focuses on the current era of woke social justice. The outcome is a timely reminder that, under the auspices of constitutional democracy, free-market capitalism has lifted the vast majority of Americans out of poverty and put an end to racial discrimination as it was described just a generation ago. A excellent warning that much of our current harsh language about victimization and inequity is not based on historical or economic data.

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