The Intern: A Novel by Michele Campbell Epub

The Intern: A Novel by Michele Campbell Epub

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In this gripping and topical story about social class, societal aspirations, family dynamics, and a murder, a young law student at Harvard University comes under the sway of a magnetic judge.

Madison Rivera is given the opportunity of a lifetime to complete an internship with Judge Kathryn Conroy. But Madison is keeping a secret from everyone that could end her career. Conroy is serving as the judge in charge of her troublesome younger brother Danny’s case, who was recently detained.

Madison is thrust headfirst into the glitzy world of the court when her boyfriend, Danny, vanishes after accusing the judge of being corrupt, and her search for answers takes her there. Is Kathryn Conroy a guide, a victim, or a perpetrator of the crime? Is she attempting to assist Madison, or is she merely utilizing her as a pawn? And why is someone attempting to kill her in the first place?

Will the two women, who are playing a perilous game of cat-and-mouse with each other, eventually save each other or will one of them betray the other and end up being killed?

I was hooked from the very first page of THE INTERN. It’s a smartly crafted, fast-paced thriller with two smart and badass women in it, and I found myself pulling for both of them right away. Madison and Kathryn are both believable examples of people who aren’t flawless.

They each struggle with her own set of familial ties and inherited responsibilities, all while attempting to seek happiness and ambition at the very top levels of the legal system and society. The tale of cat and mouse kept me wondering right up to the point where it reached its exciting and gratifying finish. At the same time, this is also a story about redemption, resiliency, and the right to free oneself from one’s own history, regardless of how difficult or painful that past may have been.

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